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The Oregon State Standards define what students should know and be able to do within a content area at specific stages in their education. In addition to setting and supporting the educational standards, the goal of the standards and instructional support team is to ensure that every learner’s strengths are recognized and their skills are developed through the opportunity to receive high-quality instruction, programming, and services.

Visit the Oregon Department of Education’s Standards and Instruction Website:

ODE Standards and Instruction

Curriculum maps are a tool teachers utilize to plan for instruction over the course of a school year.  The maps reflect a timeline of when each unit will be taught, along with state standards, instructional materials, resources, and assessments that will be used during the unit.  Curriculum maps help teachers align the curriculum with state standards, as well as reveal gaps in instruction that need to be addressed. The curriculum maps are also designed as a tool for transparency for parents as to what children are learning in the classroom.


Astoria School District teachers met over the summer and early fall of 2023 to update curriculum maps.  Please use the links below to access curriculum maps by school, grade, and topic. The maps are working documents and can change throughout the school year depending on student levels and the general needs of the classroom. 


If you have any questions, please contact the Director of Instructional Support Stephanie Sparks at

John Jacob Astor Elementary ~ Lewis and Clark Elementary – Curriculum Maps

Astoria Middle School – Curriculum Maps

Astoria High School – Curriculum Maps