School Report Cards

School Report Cards

The state has put out report cards for all school districts and schools in the State of Oregon.  Along with the report cards Astoria School District has created specific indicators as part of our strategic plan that Astoria School District staff are consistently monitoring to check the progress of students within the Astoria School District.  Along with the report cards please see and review the updated Astoria School District Strategic Plan Indicators.

ASD Strategic Plan Indicators.2017-2020.pdf

District Wide
1718-ReportCard- District.pdf
1718-ReportCard- District Spanish.pdf

Astoria High School
1718-ReportCard- AHS.pdf
1718-ReportCard- AHS Spanish.pdf
1718-DetailSheet- AHS.pdf

Astoria Middle School
1718-ReportCard- AMS.pdf
1718-ReportCard- AMS Spanish.pdf
1718-DetailSheet- AMS.pdf

Lewis & Clark Elementary School
1718-ReportCard- LCE.pdf
1718-ReportCard- LCE Spanish.pdf
1718-DetailSheet- AMS.pdf

John Jacob Astor Elementary School
1718-ReportCard- Astor.pdf
1718-ReportCard- Astor Spanish.pdf
1718-DetailSheet- Astor.pdf