District Report Cards

Each year the Oregon Department of Education provides school districts in Oregon with district and school report cards.  These report cards are just one of the many ways we monitor student learning.  You will notice when reviewing the report cards that based on the criteria that we are being evaluated on, in most areas, students in the Astoria School District are learning at a rate that is above the rest of the students in the State of Oregon.  We also know that there are areas that we can improve.  The Astoria School District staff and school board are committed to providing a valuable education program for all students.

2014-2015 English Report Cards

1415-ASD ReportCard-English.pdf
1415-AHS ReportCard-English.pdf
1415-AMS ReportCard-English.pdf
1415-LCE ReportCard-English.pdf
1415-Astor ReportCard-English.pdf

Español las boletas

1415-ASD ReportCard-Spanish.pdf
1415-AHS ReportCard-Spanish.pdf
1415-AMS ReportCard-Spanish.pdf
1415-LCE ReportCard-Spanish.pdf
1415-Astor ReportCard-Spanish.pdf