Parent Feedback Form

Parent Feedback Survey

Parent Feedback Survey

Astoria School District staff continue to work to meet the needs of all students. Three years ago, the District adopted a new strategic plan, which helps to provide a roadmap as to how the district will provide educational services to all students. This year, the District is coming up on the final year of the three-year strategic plan. We plan to spend time reviewing the strategic plan this spring and putting in place strategies to meet the needs of our students for the next three years.

As we move forward with the strategic plan, it is important that we seek feedback from staff, students, and families about our efforts to serve our students and community. We appreciate you taking a few minutes to complete this survey. We are committed to using this information to recognize our strengths and identify areas where we can always work to improve.

Please take a moment to take the Astoria School District Parent Feedback Survey: